"I took dust samples from our home for an ERMI test.  After getting the results, my husband and I tore out rugs, downsized belongings, and did a thorough cleaning of our house.  However, my physician of functional medicine was concerned this wasn't enough to solve our mold problem.  She was also concerned when she heard I had hired someone to clean our vents without prior knowledge of what was in them.  She recommended that Jason Yost inspect our house and wirte a protocol for mold remediation.


Jason was very easy to contact and communicate with throughout the whole process.


Jason has many certificates, takes air samples, and writes a technical report which may seem daunting to some.  But like a doctor on a house call, he needs to pay attention to vitals.  How is the house breathing?  What is the quality of air?  Is there too much water in the house?  Where is it coming from?  He helped us understand how to take better care of our house, so our house will take better care of us.


Had we had this knowledge when we first moved in sixteen years ago, we would have saved thousands of dollars and never had a mold problem in the first place.  Jason also saved us from getting scammed, because flex vents can't be cleaned."


Judith Ochs, Home Owner

Spencer, IN

"We are very grateful that Jason, from Solutions, came to oversee a project that felt overwhelming before his arrival.  Our experience with a different company had proven unsatisfactory, but Jason restored our confidence in the process of evaluating, prescribing and ensuring proper execution of the plan to remediate our mold problem.  He communicated with our remediation contractors and was very patient, prompt and professional in addressing our many questions.  Jason is very personable and a pleasure to work with.  Should we ever be in need of this type of service again, Solutions will be our first phone call."


Jane Truax, Home Owner

Crawfordsville, IN

"We worked with Jason on a seasonal property that we had just recently purchased.  There were issues that arose soon after closing on the property.  Needless to say it was an extremely stressful time as these issues were not disclosed at the time of the sale.  Jason was a calm presence throughout the entire process.  He took time to educate us and answer all of our questions.  He offered advice and recommendations.  He was always available, and he returned calls and emails promptly.  Jason is a man of integrity.  He takes his work seriously, and it is apparent that he is passionate about his work.  We are finally at the end of our 'ordeal', and we are thankful to have had Jason's expertise available to us throughout the entire 7 month project."


Scott & Susan Felton, Home Owners

Lowell & Rockville, IN

"Jason did an excellent job!  He emailed us and answered all of our questions very promptly!  On the telephone he was very polite and nice.  He understood and listened to us.  He is very smart and intelligent of his job!  He has very good manners.


We were glad and felt lucky to have a very respectable person like Jason and Stevie (his co-worker) to do an inspection on our house.  We would pick them over any other!"


Steve & Annie Usrey, Home Owners/Insureds

Linton, IN

"I just wanted to thank you for the work that you did for me.  It has formed a basis of support to me as I have moved forward.  I realized how much I had been doing incorrectly in addition to the other issues.  I had never lived anywhere, in my adult life, for more than 6 years.


I can’t tell you how much security I have with the knowledge you gave me.  I rely on it constantly."


Marianne Zurow, Condominium Owner

Wheeling, IL

"Very professional and knowledgeable"


Delaina Miles, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

Indianapolis, IN

"Based on the level of care and time Jason gives to each client that I have witnessed, I am very surprised everyone does not know about him. He loves his work and devotes all his knowledge and abilities to each job he does."


- Joseph Egan, Director of Operations at Joe's Mechanical HVAC

Terre Haute, IN

"Every dealing I have had with Jason, has been a positive one. He has such a heart for his work and most of all for his clients. He wants to truly help others to live in healthy environments and he makes a difference in their lives. I would recommend Jason Yost to anyone seeking answers to their indoor air quality or lack there of, you will not be disappointed."


- Tammy Durden, Owner of Tammy's Office Solutions 

Mechanicsville, VA 

"Jason is a professional in every sense of the word. He does excelent work for my company as a subcontractor and I am happy to endorse Jason."


- Tammy Linton, President at RDS Environmental, Inc

Broomfield, CO

"I have worked for and with Jason Yost. This is a man of honor. If tells you he will do something he will do it. In the industry he is a leader in, companies have to be trustworthy. He is a such a person. If he tells it to you, you can take it to the bank. 

I will always with Jason for these very same reasons and if you choose his business, you are in good hands."


- Sean Adams, Associate Product Manager at Truven Health Analytics

Greater Denver, CO area

"Jason is a true professional in his business and possesses immense knowledge and exceptional work ethic as well. I have the greatest appreciation of his business practices, but most of all his Love for the Lord. You will find not only does he serve his clients with dedication, but he serves the Lord with a higher calling. With that I find is most admirable and I would not hesitate to refer my clients to Jason, with full confidence in his knowledge and services."


Rick ToddTodd Pro Home Inspection Svcs. LLC

Terre Haute, IN


"Jason did a wonderful job in a very difficult situation. He went above and beyond what he was hired to do. He was extremely professional. I highly recommend him."


Alison Kirchner, Broker Associate at ReMax

Terre Haute, IN

"I have known Jason since May 2012. He is someone who is very knowledgeable in his field. Jason is professional and I would recommend him to anyone. We are not in competition. Each have our field of expertise. Some of my life was spent working something similar enough to understand the needs of clients who use his type of service. You couldn't find a better person to work with than Jason. Delivery on his brand promise can be expected."


- Dennis Thorgesen, owner

Lisech eMarketing

"Jason completed an inspection and put together a subsequent protocol to eliminate mold in my clients home. The inspection was comprehensive and the protocol was written with appropriate detail in easy to understand terms. The protocol not only reassured my client but made my job much easier. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is experiencing, or even suspects, problems with unhealthy indoor air quality."


- Bill BrunerAdvantaClean of NE Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

 "I very much enjoyed working with Jason and absorbing his knowledge of the task at hand. I personally give him a high recommendation for your environmental concerns or needs!"


- Lori Guess, Environmental Protection Specialist CEA, SIP

Federal Bureau of Prisons

"Jason Yost will always make time for Professionals in the Restoration Industry. As being an Owner of a Restoration Company, I have reached out to Jason with several questions on matters that I didn't have a solution to. Jason being the wonderful Professional he is always returned my call with answers to questions I had! To Top it off, they weren't even Jobs he was hired for but he still reached back out to help me as best he could. I thank my lucky stars for someone as competent as Jason Yost at Solutions Indoor Environmental."


- Steve Cook, AdvantaClean Environmental Services of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN 

"Mr. Yost was very professional in his approach and seemed very knowledgeable. He was available and willing to answer any questions that I had. I felt very confident about his work."


- Larry Bennett, Home Owner

Mitchell, IN

"I was very impressed with the information that Jason provided us. He got back to us quickly, and the information really helped us as we had to tackle some major issues. Great help!"


- Travis Madison, Superintendent

Montgomery County School System

"Jason has always been a very knowledgeable person and has always strived to stay at the top of his industry. He is caring and has only the best of intentions for his customers and clients. I have worked with him on many occasions and his work ethic is unsurpassed." 


Bruce Adams, Protechs Inc.

Fort Wayne, IN

"I cannot say enough good things about Jason. He took the time to explain our options and made our situation become manageable. After Jason's help  I was confident in our  path forward to getting our problem fixed."


Donn Koonce, home owner

Brownsburg, IN

"Solutions I.E.C. responded rapidly when I called with mold problems in the lower level of my home. Within a week they presented a full laboratory report and remedial plan. I can sincerely recommend Solutions I.E.C. to anyone who discovers mold problems in their home and needs a quick and thorough evaluation."


- Joseph F. Riley, home owner & trustee

Attica, IN

"Great job timely and promptness to our problem"


- Herbert Perry, home owner

Columbus, IN

"Solutions representative was prompt in their response to our inquiry; courteous on-site; took ample time to investigate our situation and answer all our questions; professional in explaining the remediation protocol; and helpful in offering additional services as needed without sales pressure."


- Steve & Kathy Weller, home owners

Bloomington, IN

"Jason was extremely customer focused. He took the time needed to explain the details of what he was doing as well as it's implications. He was always available to answer questions and to discuss our options. I would recommend Solutions to anyone."


- Kent Suiters, home owner

Bloomington, IN

"Our office needed some help with a small amount of water damage to one of our walls. My dad is an extremely nervous person when things like this happen. Honestly it was a little too much stress for him to handle. Mostly due to the fact to the lack of knowledge as to the best way to fix the effected area. I was really concerned that someone was going to come in and apply the scare factor to drive the price up with this repair, however just the opposite happened. Jason came out to our office looked at the area, and sample reports that we had already completed. As much to my surprise he came up with the plan of action to completely resolve the issue with a very reasonable cost. However the best thing he did for me was to bring comfort to my dad. He completely explained the reports to us in detail and put everything into simple and understandable terms. Jason is one of those special people that perfectly combines knowledge, work ethic, integrity, honesty, and most importantly people skills. In my line of work it's key to be able to recommend a service provider and know that my client is going to be satisfied. I can think of nobody that I feel more comfortable recommending than Jason. As a matter of fact I have done just that, I passed his name out several times. The Wabash Valley is blessed to have such an asset available in our area."


- Mark McCreery, ReMax Real Estate

Terre Haute, IN

"I haven't met anyone with more zeal in educating homeowners about mold. Jason's expertise and experience in the air quality industry is second to none. I would feel comfortable recommending Jason's services to any of my clients and even my own family. He truly cares for the well being of each customer's property and provides an honest evaluation of proper restoration techniques. I feel privileged to have him as a resource for all of our clients."


- Larry Ralph, Jr., Indiana Crawl Space Repair

Indianapolis, IN

"We are very pleased. Jason was very prompt and attentive to our situation."


- Ron Johnston, Johnston Construction

Indianapolis, IN

"Prompt & courteous service. Jason Yost was very knowledgeable and explained his findings in great detail. The report was well written and easy to understand."


- Carle Carrell, RDS Environmental, Inc.

Lafayette, CO

"Jason Yost is an asset to the community. His professionalism and thoroughness and going beyond the bar to assist the Client in the Client's environmental remediation is outstanding."


- Kathy O'Keefe, home owner

Terre Haute, IN

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